Buddhist secrets to improve eyesight naturally

eye exercises for clear vision and beautiful eyes

Gorgeous eyes, clear vision: eye exercises that feel amazing

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The Bates Method to improve vision came from Buddhist monks

Most people have heard of the Bates method, which has helped thousands of people reduce their prescription for glasses and contacts. Not many know, however, that Bates based some of his eye exercises on techniques used by Buddhist monks centuries ago. The monks used darkness, sunlight and visualizations to improve eyesight naturally. An added benefit of their practice is it clears the eyes physically - eliminating redness and puffiness, reducing dark circles, and making your eyes luminous and beautiful.

I used to have lots of little red veins visible in my eyes, and some serious dark circles below them. After practicing this method I can honestly tell you my eyes look so different. They are clear and clean. I don't have circles. Some young guy at the grocery store actually complemented me on them the other day, much to my surprise, since I felt like his mom. The cranial meditation on this site was inspired in part by these ancient Buddhist techniques. You can use it to support your eye exercises if you like.

Visualize perfect blackness helps heal your vision

One of the techniques the monks used involves both creating and visualizing perfect blackness. It helps to use an eye mask or pillow (which I suggest doing if you listen to the meditation), or to "palm" your eyes by covering them softly with both hands. In either case the goal is to shut out all the light.

Once you have achieved this, and are relaxing peacefully with your eyes covered, begin to visualize perfect blackness. The tension we all hold in our eyes will translate into lights moving across your visual field, in patterns, shapes, dots or floating images. Disregard them, and use your imagination to conjure a velvet field of deep, warm blackness enclosing your eyes. As you breathe and relax, the lights you see will begin to soften. Eventually, if your eyes can completely relax, the visuals disappear entirely. 

This practice teaches the eyes to let go of tension, which allows more blood flow to the tissue. With the extra oxygen, the eyes can repair cellularly. Over time this can actually improve vision, or at least stop further degeneration. It also feels blissfully relaxing. My Cranial meditation leads you through this visualization process, and then widens to include other structures of the cranium. (Especially beneficial after a session on the computer.) 

Bathe your eyes in sunlight

The Buddhists (and Bates) suggest a complement to palming and visualizing blackness. Sunbathing your eyes is also incredibly soothing and revitalizing. Just close your eyes, and let the sun shine on your eyelids. (Take off glasses or contacts with UV protection). Gently rotate your eyes from side to side, letting the warmth and color of the sun soak in. The full spectrum light of the sun boosts mitochondria - and we have more mitochondria in our eyes than almost anywhere else. 

Drink your vitamin A to boost eyesight

If you want to add vision healing nutrition to your practice, my favorite is fresh pressed carrot juice, with lemon, ginger, and some greens to cut the sweetness. Radish or turnip greens are especially delicious, and overlooked. Don't compost them! Juice them up. 



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Your eyes are miraculous pools, deep and beautiful. Looking in, one could fall all the way to your soul. Wishing you clarity of vision, inside and out.