Daily detox to beat Lyme disease faster

detoxification tools to help speed healing from lyme disease

 Burn away toxins: skin like silk, joints like butter

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This post will cover some tools for detoxification that work for me. My Detoxification meditation will also support your body in flushing toxins, leaving your blood clear and clean. 

Peeps with Lyme disease have to detoxify!

Anyone with Lyme disease will benefit from a gentle, daily detox. Our detox pathways can be compromised by Lyme, so we need to go slow and have patience. All of our bodies are so different, and will respond differently to the methods of detoxification we try.

Your body will tell you when something is working, if you listen. Changes can be incremental. Your skin may slowly become smoother, and more silken. Your eyes may look clearer. You may have less joint pain, or a decrease in headaches. Small improvements add up over time, celebrate each one. 

My favorite daily detox practices

Create cleansing meditations for yourself that make you feel clean and clear.

For me this means walking by the ocean, breathing in fresh, salty air, and imagining it rushing through my bloodstream. I repeat phrases to myself, like "I am clean, open and clear, all the way through my body".  Every inhale is an opportunity to imagine fresh, clean blood running in your veins.

This kind of imagery is proven to stimulate the systems in question. Your detox mechanisms are responsive to input from your brain, and your brain responds to language. It then directs your body through FEELING. The words are just a path to feelings. Practice different mantras until you find your own feelings of freshness, cleanliness, openness, clarity. Listen to my Detoxification meditation if you want a guide. 

Remove your allergenic foods

Making these changes is so worth it! I noticed an immediate difference in my health when I dropped my allergens. Within a week my skin was much more smooth and clear, my respiratory crap cleared up, and my energy improved. 

One caution however - avoid the path of projecting Lyme disease symptoms onto food, and eliminating one food after another after another in your quest for healing. It is easy to wind up with nothing to eat, and this is quite a predicament. (Been there). We need to eat, and we need to love food.

If you are confused, test your food sensitivities through a naturopath. And trust your intuition! Your body will lead you to the foods that heal you, that are right for your unique being. 

Lemon water, a lot of it, daily

This one feels really easy on my body, and helps with HCl production and digestion. Add chlorella or cilantro extract if you tolerate them for extra detox power. Just drink it with a straw, or it will dissolve your enamel, or so says my dentist.

Epsom salt baths

I was reluctant to spend the time at first, but I committed to taking a bath every day for a week, and now I am hooked. I add some lavender oil to the bath, and try to stay in for at least 20 minutes. These baths work. They soothe pain, they are deeply relaxing, and they seem to set my nervous system up for a calm, restorative day. 

Get out in nature! 

Just walking for 20 minutes energizes your mitochondria, helping your body naturally produce the energy required for detoxification. If you can walk among trees, so much the better. Breathe deeply - these amazing beings produce all kinds of phytochemicals that kill bacteria and viruses. That's part of the reason the air smells so good in a forest. 

Your amazing liver and kidneys know deep in their DNA how to clear your body of toxins. These organs are working hard for you. You are strong, you are powerful, you are healing every day.


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Wishing you wellness, flowing through you, leaving you wild and free.