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With Lyme, it is so hard to know if our immune system is underperforming due to Borrelia's immune disabling tricks (smart bastards), or overperforming due to an autoimmune trigger caused by the illness. The chances are that the symptoms of chronic Lyme are a mix of both. Because Lyme is so complex, my personal favorite way to go after it is through the brain. Not to say that other treatments aren't useful and necessary, but the brain is right here, right now. I can work with my brain anytime, no doctor's appointment required. And, it's free. 

I use my conscious brain to work against Lyme's tendency to make my body feel untrustworthy. No matter what my symptoms, I want to find my way back to a feeling of trusting my body, trusting my immune system, relaxing in to the feeling of being taken care of internally by my own system's intelligence and grace. I wrote the Immune Strength meditation for support in finding this feeling of trust.

Another effective remedy: take a walk, and talk to yourself, out loud if your brain is being rebellious and veering off topic. Repeat mantras that make you feel powerful, alive and in control. Find those feelings through experimentation, repetition.Here are some suggestions: "I am strong and healthy. My immune system is a beautiful, intelligent, living system. I trust it completely. I am calm and competent. I am powerful. I am filled with life energy. I breathe this energy all the way through my body". For me, the practice of consciously finding feelings of trust, empowerment and release has a profound effect. It ALWAYS lessens my symptoms. It ALWAYS results in a boost in energy. Find your own mantras. Remember that your nervous system will follow language. This means we can fake it at first. As you practice with mantras, the feelings will follow. It may feel like an uphill battle at first, but I promise it gets easy and it works. Find the feelings that work for you. Flood your brain with serotonin, dopamine and the like - however that works best for you. Use those blissful feelings to heal your immune system every day. Use my Immune Strength meditation for guidance and support.

Try herbal adaptogens. I use ashwagandha, astragalus and eluthero. These lovely herbs support adrenal health, build stamina and boost your immunity. You can make your own tinctures if you are feeling crafty - these pack a powerful punch, and it is far cheaper if you make them yourself. I am not an herbalist, and I kind of wing it - but I have been making my own tinctures for six months and they work.  Here's my recipe. Buy the powders online (organic), and combine them in a mason jar with some damn fine vodka. (We Lymies can't drink, so we should enjoy our tinctures.) I use a ratio of 1/4 powder to 3/4 vodka. Shake up the mixture, and place it somewhere protected from light and extreme temperature. Shake the jars up whenever you think to, and let them soak for six weeks or longer. When you are ready, strain out the powder and store the liquid in brown or blue bottles. 

Cut sugar. We all know this already. Bad bugs love sugar, so just ditch it. Get yourself some stevia sweetened dark chocolate, eat yourself some berries, and call it delicious. 

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