Neurological Lyme disease: strong boundaries are a must!

if you have neurological lyme disease, strong boundaries protect you

  Simple emotional tool supports healing neurological lyme disease  


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Leaky boundaries?

Lyme disease, and in particular neurological Lyme disease, seems to be a terrific education in the ways we lose energy - be that worry, overexertion, low blood name it, neurological Lyme will bring it to your attention! One of the subtler ways I lose energy is with leaky emotional boundaries. By this I mean, feeling it is my job to make other people like me, or over empathizing by feeling another person's stress in my own body. (Ladies, you know what I mean.) 

I work with private clients in my Pilates studio, and if my boundaries are weak, I get completely exhausted after a session. Before Lyme I could just power through, but now I really have to be on top of this. This post contains my new favorite way to keep my boundaries strong. Us Lymies need to focus our energy on healing, not taking on other peoples' junk!

Spoken "clearings" set your intention for strong boundaries

I see a practitioner who performs a spoken clearing before and after each session, and she has been inspiring me. She uses this intention to set her boundaries, and to prepare a clear space for her work. I have changed her words to suit myself, and you can do the same. It's the feeling that counts. 

I say this intention in my head before and after private sessions, or if I'm about to ask my husband to start washing more of the dishes, and I know he's going to be annoyed. I say it before long or boring social events. It has a simple power.

Look for a feeling in your body of clarity and freedom after you say it. It should make you feel expansive - as though the air around you is fresh and clean, and you are free to inhabit the space. Here is my version:


I won't absorb anything from you, and you won't absorb anything from me.

Feelings, patterns, energies, what is known, what is unknown: nothing.

Just a clean observation and a warm heart.

Held by the Earth, we leave more light than before.

We leave more light than before.


I find this quiet, clear invocation so beneficial. It truly helps with my neurological lyme symptoms - giving my brain more room to just be.

Say "no" with grace: you have Lyme disease! You deserve self care!

Just as beneficial is the practice of saying "No" with grace. All together now; "No thank you, I made other plans". (Plans to read Hunger Games to my kids, in bed.) "Thanks, but I'm busy today." (Busy watching Stranger Things with my kids, curled up on the couch.) "Thank you for thinking of me, but my schedule is already full." (Full of an almond matcha latte, alone, in peace and quiet.)

Say yes to your body and soul, Lyme Warriors! And no to things that feel like a drain. Our hands are full beating neurological Lyme disease; completely, entirely, absolutely - and returning to full health.


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Wishing you a wealth of energy, a shower of healing light.