Headaches and congestion: symptoms of Lyme disease?

Clear lyme disease headaches and congestion with essential oils

Essential oils can improve respiratory issues caused by Lyme disease


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My sinus headaches were caused by Lyme disease

When I was really sick with Lyme disease, one of my worst issues was respiratory congestion, coupled with Lyme headaches and tinnitus. My sinuses were a mess, I caught every cold, cough and flu that passed through my kids' elementary school, and I was miserable because of it.

I got so desperate in my search for non toxic remedies that I even spent a few nights sleeping with chopped onions in my socks. (I read they leached out viruses!) My husband left the room complaining of the stink, but thankfully not complaining that I was nuts. 

Essential oils heal

The sock onions didn't work, but I did find some terrific uses for essential oils that I would like to share: one for ears, one for sinuses, and one for lungs. All three can help with headaches as well.

Essential oils all have fantastic anti viral and anti bacterial properties, so though I will suggest my favorites, really you can choose the ones that smell best to you. They benefit us Lyme Warriors in ways besides their respiratory uses. Their aroma can help alleviate anxiety, and some of them, particularly oregano oil, are active against Lyme and co-infections.

I hope these tricks work for as well for you as they have for me.

Clear ear congestion and alleviate Lyme disease tinnitus

This is an easy one that really helps with ear aches, as well as the lyme disease tinnitus that can drive a girl to bourbon (at least in her dreams). I use it on my kids as well as myself.

Pick your favorite oil, mine is lavender. Mix a few drops of the essential oil into a base oil such as almond or olive. You can just do this in the palm of your hand. Dip in a Q-tip, and gently swab out the exterior and interior of your congested ear. (Of course, don't go deep.) Do this a few times a day until your ear clears up. I would avoid oregano oil for this - it can be a bit abrasive on the tender ear.

Steam with essential oils for sinus congestion

Eucalyptus oil is terrific for sinus congestion, as is pine or cedar. Add a few drops of oregano oil if you have a bacterial infection. Heat a small amount of your oils in a shallow pan filled with water. Don't boil the water - just get it steaming. Lean over and inhale the aromatic steam deeply through your nose.

The anti viral and anti bacterial properties of the essential oils will penetrate deep into your sinuses and lungs, clearing congestion and vanquishing bugs. My kids like steaming too - especially if they get to drip in the oils. You can add the oils to a bath for the same result.

Get crazy with an essential oil poultice to heal your lungs

For this trick you have to make a compress. This takes a bit of time, but if you have a bad cough, I swear it's worth it. It feels amazing, smells so good, and really does clear up the lungs. If Lyme disease has you too tired to make it happen, recruit your lover (or your mama)!

Chop up a large onion, and simmer it in a bit of water until it is translucent. Add a capful of cider vinegar, and maybe 20-30 drops of oregano oil (especially if you have a bacterial infection). Then stir in a few spoonfuls of corn flour until you have a hot, spreadable paste that smells like an Italian dinner. Spoon the paste into a thin towel, and fold the towel around the paste. Place the towel on your bare chest and relax. (Double up the towel until the temperature is hot, but not burning you.)

You can reheat this compress in the microwave and reuse it over the course of a few days. Add more essential oils if you need to. Once when I had a particularly bad sinus infection I used this compress on my forehead - and it loosened my sinuses just as well as my lungs.

Soothe your head with a cranial meditation

If your head is still driving you crazy with Lyme headaches, tinnitus or congestion, try my Cranial meditation.  You can listen to a one minute sample of it here. It is incredibly soothing for your cranial bones, and always helped with my pain as well.


Thank you so much for reading! I truly hope these tricks are helpful for you. Please share this post with other Lymies who might like it by clicking on the share buttons below. The medical system may ignore us, but we can all help each other be well.

You are magnificent. You are always healing. Your body is a vision of wellbeing.