Are silver fillings making you sicker?

would removing metal fillings and crowns help you heal Lyme disease?

Metal fillings and crowns make healing from Lyme disease harder

I took out ALL my silver fillings last week to give me an edge on healing Lyme disease 

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Last week I finally stopped procrastinating and did something I have wanted to do for years: I went to a biological dentist (SF Green Dentistry) and had seven silver fillings removed.  Dr. Patel (who was wonderful) put five composite fillings and two pure milled porcelain crowns that she made in house in their place. It was not fun (my face still hurts). It was expensive. But I think it will give me an edge on healing Lyme disease.

The foot that kicked my reluctant butt into gear was Yolanda Hadid's book, Believe Me. Toward the end of the book she sees a Lyme specialist who uses muscle testing to determine what is holding her immune system back from healing Lyme disease. One crucial component was the metal in her mouth.

Her crowns and fillings weren't old, they looked fine, and she had been assured they were non toxic. But she took his advice, and her body became stronger - more capable of fighting Lyme on its own. Her sensitivity to the toxic metals had been making it harder to heal. 

Many of my symptoms of Lyme disease are cranial - pressure in my head that leads to brain fog and tinnitus. Might these symptoms be coming in part from mercury poisoning? I'll have the answer in a few months, after I detox.

Many different toxic metals are found in fillings and crowns

"Silver" fillings typically use mercury to bind silver, copper and tin. They are commonly 50% mercury, a known toxin. Crowns are often porcelain fused to metal. According to Yolanda Hadid's book, the crowns that she thought were porcelain were actually mixed with "zinc, gallium, palladium, silver, indium, tin, gold aluminum, copper, and ruthenium".

Different dentists may choose different combinations of metals, or porcelain fused to metals, to insure longevity of the crowns and fillings - without much regard for longevity of the patient! Perhaps those with killer immune systems need not worry, but toxic heavy metals can burden a body already struggling. I was told once by a renowned allergist that over the long course of his career he noticed that his patients live longer when they remove metal dental work.

Heavy metal toxicity

If you read about symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, it sounds a lot like Lyme disease. Headaches, nausea, central nervous system dysfunction. The only way to know for sure if your levels are high is to test. Any good naturopath can give you a test for toxicity, or you can try muscle testing, usually through a chiropractor.

Fabtastic detox smoothie to help remove mercury

If you remove fillings, you need to detox afterward for at least three weeks. (More like a year for us Lyme Warriors, we are often slow to clear toxins.) Even if you have no metals in your bod, detoxification is still a central part of healing Lyme disease.

Add these ingredients to your favorite smoothie  - each helps support the liver in filtering toxins. As always, take it easy! Only you know what your body will tolerate. I drink a smoothie blended with these ingredients once a day.

Cilantro (build up to a cup or more, chopped)                                                                                 Spirulina and chlorella  (build up to a heaping teaspoon of each)                                                  Milk thistle powder (ask your doctor how much, I take about a quarter teaspoon)

Lemon juice to taste                                                                                                                                                        

Visualization to help your liver detoxify

This is my favorite, of course. Your liver will respond to your brain! I swear it is the truth! You can soften, enliven, and juice up your liver's vitality anytime, for free, by imagining it. Your liver will love the attention, and it will respond.

You liver is a very large organ that takes up space under your rib cage on the right side. I think of it as a sort of micro pet whale - it has that shape. It is a giant, friendly, detoxification wonder, working to make you healthy day and night. You don't have to imagine it exactly; metaphor and intuition are the goal. But do google an image just to get a sense of its size.

Breathe in to the area under your right rib cage, imagining the energy and vitality contained in your liver. You can hum, sending vibrations to that area, in order to feel it better. Imagine your liver melting, softening. Imagine it happily pulling all toxins from your system and sending them down the drain. Play with your brain - using language, imagery, movement, vocals - until you have a warm, glowing feeling under your right rib cage.

If you need help, I wrote the Detoxification meditation just for this. It includes the kidneys as well. Listening will build a healing fire all throughout your belly, beautifully firing up your detoxification pathways. Try listening while you soak in an epsom bath for extra power.

Six weeks later - symptoms of Lyme disease much improved!

I am actually shocked to report how much my symptoms of Lyme disease have improved after having all the metal removed from my mouth. I thought it would help me, but I never expected it to help me so much. I honestly feel I have gone from functioning at about 60% to about 90% over the last weeks. The only major change I have made was filling removal. 

There is no way for me to know if this will continue, but I will keep you posted! For now though, I am feeling very optimistic that the filling removal was worth the bucks and the massive headache!


Thank you so much for reading! It is my honor and joy to be a part of the Lyme community. 

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You are magnificent: pure, whole and beautiful.