Stimulate lymphatic flow in your brain to heal Lyme disease brain fog and headaches

Simple, daily practice to improve lymphatic drainage in your brain


Red Kite Meditation's first podcast is live!

Last week I was interviewed for the podcast "Too Sick and Naked" by host Jackie Shea. Yay! Thank you Jackie for including me in your amazing show. This was my first ever podcast interview, and I was nervous. But Jackie put me at ease, and it wound up feeling like a conversation with an old friend. We talked about all things Lyme - finding good doctors, getting our silver fillings out safely, freaking out about the cost of treatment. Please share the episode with other Lymies who might be interested!

In every show, Jackie gives listeners a "Weekly Challenge". Mine was to practice a short, daily visualization to help drain lymphatic fluid from your brain. This is a wonderful tool for healing Lyme disease naturally. It truly helps my sinus headaches and brain fog. I invite you to join! You can listen to the podcast, or just read on for details.

Your brain cleanses itself with lymphatic flow

A new NIH study has proven that human brain tissue is cleansed through lymphatic drainage. Prior to now, scientists could not find evidence of lymphatic vessels in the brain.

When healthy, lymphatic vessels pick up viruses, bacteria, toxins and debris, and carry them to lymph nodes, where they are broken down by white blood cells. Eventually lymphatic fluid is carried back to the heart. Lymphatic fluid is then integrated with your blood flow, filtered by your kidneys, and excreted as urine. 

For those of us with Lyme disease, a healthy flow of lymph clears away the toxins excreted by Borrelia and co-infections, as well as the bacteria themselves. Lymph can also clear heavy metals - another crucial component of healing Lyme. We Lymies desperately need our lymph to flow unobstructed, especially through our brains. Encouraging this flow is a terrific way to lessen Lyme symptoms naturally and support healing.

Brain fog and Lyme disease headaches? Your lymph may be sluggish

If lymphatic flow in your brain is sluggish, pain and pressure can radiate throughout your head. This is the one of the main causes of my dreaded Lyme headaches, and it may be for you as well.

Borrelia and company can hide out in the lymph nodes, slowing lymphatic drainage in the body and the brain. When my brain's lymph is sluggish, I often feel pressure and pain along the line dividing the left and right halves of my brain, from between my eyebrows to the back of my head. This is the sagittal sinus, a drainage system in the brain for blood, cerebrospinal fluid and lymph.

Easy practice to move lymph through your brain

You can stimulate the lymphatic flow in your brain, and increase it's healing power. Take your fingertips and explore your sagittal sinus. There is no need to be exact, just feel along the line dividing your skull left to right. Gently pull the tissue from side to side. Imagine your touch extending gently down deep into your brain tissue. Do you find tenderness or stiffness? Follow pleasure, and let your body guide you.

Now begin to imagine that a soft, spring rain is beginning under your touch. The sweet, clear water flows down through your brain, washing it, cleansing it, clearing it. Explore any touch that encourages the feelings of gently cleansing your brain. Run your hands down your face, along the sides of your head, down your throat. Imagine the smell of rainwater. The soft sound. 

Continue as long as you like, following your imagination and your body's guidance. Notice how the feelings inside your brain change. You will improve with practice! I can tell you from my own experience with myself and with clients that this practice works. You may find you can eliminate a Lyme disease headache entirely, and clear your brain fog. Trust your imagination, and enjoy.

Guided visualization helps move lymph!

If you need help visualizing your lymph system, try guided meditation. I wrote the Cleansing - Lymphatic Flow meditation to help move lymph throughout your entire body. It is nice and long (26 minutes). Try listening in an epsom salt bath, to boost your watery imagery. (I always need to come up with ways to stay in epsom baths long enough anyway.)

Rebounding and sleep position 

if you have energy, jumping on a rebounder moves lymph throughout the body. Also, sleeping or resting on your back without a pillow is said to improve flow specifically in the brain. For more tools to support lymphatic flow, try this blog post.


Happy brain cleansing! I hope these tools help you. Please share this post with other Warriors looking to heal Lyme disease headaches and brain fog naturally. Thank you so much for reading.

Your body is a beautiful, healing mystery. A fathomless pool, clear and clean.






Use guided imagery to stimulate lymphatic flow in your brain and alleviate symptoms of Lyme disease naturally