Mindful Joy: DNRS can help heal neurological Lyme disease

Mindful Joy helps with symptoms of neurological Lyme disease by healing the limbic system

Heal your limbic system with happy chemicals


My Lyme doctor introduced me to Dynamic Neural Retraining Systems (DNRS) almost exactly one year ago, right before my IGeneX Lyme test results came back positive. He thought it might help with my food sensitivities and other symptoms of neurological Lyme disease. He was right. I still use DNRS one year out, although my practice has morphed and evolved. I still find it incredibly useful, and profound.

Annie Hopper’s DNRS program works for Lyme disease

DNRS was created by a Canadian woman named Annie Hopper, to heal her own extreme chemical sensitivities. Annie Hopper figured out that toxic exposure had literally injured the limbic system in her brain, causing her persistent, full body symptoms. DNRS is the system Annie created to rewire the injured neural circuits in her brain. All of her symptoms have resolved. She is now teaching others worldwide to heal - some of whom are people with neurological Lyme disease. 

DNRS teaches us to purposefully flood our brains with feelings of happiness, bliss, gratitude, excitement – the more intense the good feelings the better. Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin - these chemicals literally heal injured neural circuits. The program also asks that we commit to observing our thought patterns full time, and interrupting worry about sickness with positive affirmations and feelings. The success of DNRS shows how very effective pleasure is at healing our brains. (Find more information at www.retrainingthebrain.com)

My DNRS practice this morning

Today is probably the last day of our 15 year old dog Willy's long life. He has been steadily declining, so it isn't a shock. This morning my ten year old took him for his 10 foot walk down the block, and he barely made it. When she came back we all snuggled him and patted him, and then I came upstairs and settled in to do my DNRS practice.

I went through memories of my husband and I getting Willy as a crazy giant black puppy, before we had kids. I remembered the bazillions of walks Willy and I have taken in Golden Gate Park, and the times he has swam next to our canoe as we paddled down the Russian River. These good memories led me to others; how awesome my husband has been as a dog dad, as a kid dad, and as my partner. I laid on my office day bed, bringing to mind all the beautiful memories I could, until I had to take my kids to art camp.

By the end of my practice, tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my brief human life among people and animals I am lucky enough to call family. I felt all the way through my body how temporary we all are, and how precious. My heart was bursting with love, and whatever Lyme symptoms I had been worrying about earlier had vanished. 


Be creative with DNRS, heal Lyme disease your own way

I have read other DNRS practitioners repeating this many times - don't worry that you aren't doing it right. I don't call my practice DNRS anymore - I just call it Mindful Joy. Every day is so different for those of us with Lyme disease. Some days I can actually go for a run (!!), and fill my body with gratitude and endorphins zipping through the trees. Some days I feel way crappier (this morning), and then I need to lie down and use memories, prayers, and fantasies to bliss myself out.

The only rule of Annie Hopper's that I try to adhere to is this: for a minimum of one hour per day, I consciously flood my brain with happy chemicals, to the best of my ability. Anyone can do this. You can take the DNRS training program, or you can wing it. These chemicals are free. We all make them. We all control them. It takes creativity and practice, but each of us can find our own way to heal our brains with Mindful Joy.

My guided meditations are a ticket to brain healing as well. I still use them if my brain feels too darn tired to do the work itself. I listened to the Immune Strength meditation just the other day - in preparation for starting ozone treatments. (I'll keep you posted on Instagram, wish me luck.) I want my immune system fired up so that these treatments are as effective as possible! I count listening toward my hour of Mindful Joy, as long as I am truly paying attention to the imagery, and feeling those bliss chemicals hard at work healing me.


Thank you so much for reading. Please share this post with any Lymie who might enjoy it!

Your life is beautiful, precious, a gift of love,