Bliss meditation heals mitochondria damaged by Lyme disease

Meditation that feels good for people with Lyme disease

Meditation that heals, and makes you want to keep doing it


Meditation can suck if you have Lyme disease

Most people (including myself at first) have the idea that meditation always means quieting your mind, focusing on your breath rhythm, and observing thoughts and feelings as they come and go. This is a great idea, theoretically. It's just that in practice it can feel abysmally terrible, especially for those of us with Lyme disease.

My thoughts and feelings, left alone for observation, can be horrid if I am not feeling well. I don't want to just sit there and feel my fear, feel my symptoms, watch my thoughts about my fear and my symptoms. This can actually make me worse. 

There is a way to meditate that feels good, even if you have Lyme disease. Meditation this way can feel like eating dark chocolate cake, sitting on a warm, sunny porch. This is the kind of meditation that helps to heal Lyme disease from the inside out.

Bliss meditation heals Lyme affected mitochondria 

I have been reading Power Up Your Brain, by David Perlmutter (neuroscientist) and Alberto Villoldo (shamanic healer). In the beginning of the book, Perlmutter describes the unconditional love of the Divine Feminine as synonymous with healthy and high functioning mitochondria. What?!? This blew my mind.

Mitochondria are tiny little microscopic bacteria that have evolved to live within every one of our cells. They are responsible for converting our food into energy, powering every one of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Without mitochondria, there is no energy. It will come as no surprise that Lyme disease knocks out mitochondrial function.

Unconditional, mother's love has been celebrated in many religions and cultures over time, especially those that worship the Earth herself as the Divine source of life. Connection to unconditional love is part of our human, healing inheritance. According to Perlmutter, we not only experience love when our mitochondria make energy, but can intentionally bring it into our bodies through meditation.

How to meditate and love it 

Even when we are suffering with symptoms of Lyme disease, we can open our energetic system to the flow of life energy. This practice comes to us from the ancient Yogis. People have been using it for thousands of years to heal, and to connect with the Divine. 

Sit, or lie down comfortably. Settle in and relax throughout your entire body. Begin with a mantra of unconditional self acceptance. Invent one that works for you, on a feeling level. You can keep repeating it and playing with it for as long as you like, feeling it help you relax more and more deeply. Here is a place to start:

I accept everything I feel right now, absolutely and unconditionally. I accept all that I am, and all that exists in this moment. I release all struggle and strain. I let go.

Opening your heart chakra

Once you feel truly relaxed and open, turn your attention to the energetic space around and within your heart. Imagine this space as an open channel where energy moves and flows into you. Your heart chakra is a place where universal, Divine love energy can flow in to your body, nourishing your healing, and your mitochondria.

As my heart chakra opens I begin to feel a warm humming in my heart. It feels soft - like gentle, vibrating joy and love moving in me. It is an opening, a spaciousness, almost like a warm breeze is blowing. Sometimes I repeat the words "unconditional acceptance" or "unconditional love" to myself in order to feel the energy start to flow. Sometimes my heart just opens up right away.

As you practice, you will feel sensations begin to build and grow in your heart chakra. They will feel delicious. Trust and enjoy them! Pay attention to them, and they will increase. Eventually you can bathe your body and mind in blissful energy flowing through your heart. 

If you get distracted, don't sweat it. You can use language to train your attention back where you want it. Unconditional acceptance, unconditional love. Follow that path where it leads you, until it becomes worn, wired in to your neuro circuitry. Follow the many, many practitioners who have come before you.  

Spiritual Lyme Warriors

Perhaps Lyme disease requires that we remember how to honor the Feminine. It certainly seems like our culture could use the memo. Self care, self love, interdependence, rest, softness. These qualities bring the Feminine back home to our bodies and souls, and help us heal. Perhaps we Lyme Warriors are here to carry this powerful message to the world. 


Thank you so much for reading. I truly hope your meditation practice is a healing space you want to return to, again and again. Please share this blog post with other Lymies who might enjoy it, by using the share buttons below.

You are radiant, your light is strong,