Girls, rock your power and heal low back pain back three ways

embody your ovaries to soothe and support your lower back

Girl guide to a naturally pain free lower back

Last week I accidentally re-injured my lower back while teaching Pilates. I was demonstrating and talking at the same time, and I flared up an old dance injury. I thought I would be in for weeks of pain and difficulty sleeping, but no! By using three natural healing tools my back pain was soon completely gone. Since my Lyme disease makes healing slower, I was particularly happy about this. Thought I would share. (Intrepid males can use the first two tools.)

Curcumin, anti inflammatory to the Goddess

First, I need to sing the praises of curcumin. For those of you who don’t already take it by the shovelful, curcumin is the substance that makes turmeric yellow, and a potent anti inflammatory. It works throughout your whole system, with none of the nasty side effects of ibuprofen. You can take it every day, long term, and it will lower inflammation throughout your body. Curcumin works on both the long term inflammation from Lyme disease, and acute inflammation from an injury.

I doubted curcumin would help me much, since my low back pain was pretty bad, but I am determined to avoid drugs if at all possible. I need to give my liver the room it needs to beat Lyme! I started taking 2 grams of curcumin as soon as I hurt my back, (you need to take at least this much) and was amazed by how much it helped! I like Pure Encapsulations brand. (They don’t know I exist, and give me zero kickbacks.)

Within 24 hours I was pain free. In the past it has taken me months to heal this low back injury when it flares up. I also used the two tools listed below.


Traction your spine hanging upside down like a six year old

Hanging upside down is not just for your kid. Gravity gently moves your vertebrae away from your discs through traction, opening the spaces where your all important nerves exit your spinal cord and travel through your body.

Bend forward over a railing or balcony that is high enough that your head doesn’t meet the ground. Have a friend hold your feet if you are nervous. Hang completely upside down, with your spine vertical. Relax completely.

Hang this way for as long as you like, feeling your spine lengthen. When you stand up, apart from feeling dizzy for a minute, you will feel noticeably taller. This traction treats the root cause of back pain, which is most often linked to nerve compression in the spine.

If you are too stiff to hang upside down like a tiny monkey, here is an alternative. Lie on your back - hips against a wall, legs straight up, in an “L” shape. Let your hamstrings stretch gently, and imagine your spine lengthening as well. (Scroll down to see a photo.) Over time this exercise should loosen you up enough that you can try hanging upside down.

Embody your ovaries

Yeah ladies! This can be done, and it will enhance your grace and your gorgeous sexy nature. You know where your ovaries are. (You can see them in my silly drawing.) Embodying your ovaries really means getting in touch with the deep pelvic floor muscles that support your pelvis and lower spine.

Imagine your two ovaries, small, soft and warm, nestled in your low abdominal cavity on each side. Lying on your back, gently rock your pelvis back and forth, imagining that you are bringing your ovaries deeper toward the back of your body. Feel as though you could cradle your ovaries back into the bowl of your pelvic bones. You may feel your abdominals drawing closer to your spine as you play with this.

When you get up, take a walk around. As you walk, feel your pelvis twisting naturally side to side. Play with the feeling of supporting your ovaries, easily and gently, back inside the bowl of your pelvis. Engaging your deep pelvic muscles this way will support your spine in the natural twisting that happens when we walk. It will also lengthen your lower back when standing.


I hope these tools help you toward a pain free, naturally soft and supple lower back! Please share this post with anyone who could use some back support, you can use the share buttons below.

Your body is a flower in bloom, a miracle of grace.