One great exercise to strengthen your glutes (and belly) while you’re cozy in bed

Strengthen your glutes, abs and hamstrings in bed

A fine rear in the New Year, for spoonies

Happy 2019!!

What’s a spoonie?

For those who don’t know, a spoonie is someone who only has so many “spoons” of energy for each day. We spoonies have to guard our spoons of energy and spend them judiciously. I try to exercise every day, but some days my work out has to take place in bed. Yes, this is a thing!

Strong glutes in 2019

A strong rear end is a New Year’s resolution I salute. Strong glutes don’t just look good in jeans, they also support your lower back, making it much less likely to tweak or feel sore. I work on glute strength all the time with my Pilates clients - everyone needs it. But some days we spoonies just don’t have the energy to get out and hike up a hill.

Here is one simple exercise you can do from the delicious comfort of your bed, even while watching a movie once you get the hang of it. Like I say in the video, take your time and breathe. The idea is to feel your muscles working deeply - your glutes, abdominals and hamstrings. Invent your own varieties as you go, as long as you feel those muscles working. Try it one legged, for example. (If you feel it in your lower back, stop.)

Here’s the link in case the video doesn’t show in your browser: Bedtime Booty Strength . Yes that’s me in slippers, grabbing my own rump. Enjoy!

On another note - The East Bay Monthly just published a feature I wrote on my Lyme story, and Lyme generally in the US. I learned a ton writing it, and feel so happy to have it published. If you ‘d like to check it out, here is the link: The Tick That Took Me Out.

Here’s to you, draggin’ a fab wagon in 2019!