The radical act of meditation

Meditation, mindfulness and self love

Meditation, self love and healing

On this site, mostly I write about visualization, which is my favorite form of meditation. Visualization is a wonderful, meditative healing tool. But meditation in its more stripped down form is also beautiful, and healing in its own way.

Meditation is inherently a personal, creative act. Practicing is an exploration of the wilderness within, experienced alone. Everyone can do it - you don’t have to be a hippie or a yoga girl. You aren’t bad at meditation if your inner voice is wild and unruly. You aren’t disqualified if you can’t sit cross legged, if you need to lie down in bed to meditate. You can find your own way, and every single way is worthy. Every single way is an act of self love.

The core of meditation

Meditation is the intention to be still, and feel your body and your breath. Then, it is the practice of observing and accepting absolutely everything that comes up, no matter what. Whatever on earth comes up for you, notice it, accept it, and return to feeling your body and your breath.

This sounds simple, but it is the opposite. It’s a radical departure from the norm. It flies in the face of all our patterns, no matter our history, gender or race.

Most of our waking lives are spent judging what we want and don’t want, and trying to get what we want. Literally most of our waking seconds are spent doing this in one way or another. Meditation shines a light on this habit.

What is that voice in your head saying? What does it want and not want? How do your thoughts pull emotions up from the depths of your body? What do the emotions feel like? It takes patience to get carried away by the unruly mind, again and again, and to come back to the body and the breath. It takes a sense of humor, kindness toward yourself. It takes self love.

Touching the ghost: why meditation is worth it

As time goes on, meditation opens a little space around the mental chatter. As you come back to your body and your breath, over and over, meditation asks questions. Who is the “you” practicing? It’s not that chatty voice. Who is the awareness observing your inner life? Who is left, when you let your thoughts dissolve?

Stepping into this unknown is an act of faith. What do you find, beyond the noise? The answers will be yours uniquely. For many of us, the silence, the openness, the love required to practice, the energy of awareness itself, is healing. Touch the ghost - it’s not your thoughts, it’s not your body, it’s not your discomfort or your illness. The mystery is yours to explore.

Your depths are endless, and endlessly beautiful,