Talking to conventional doctors when you have Lyme disease


Your doctor works for you! Useful, empowering appointments.

Last week ProHealth published an article I wrote about navigating stressful appointments with conventional doctors when you have chronic Lyme disease. Here is the link.

I want to add a few things to the article in this blog post, because I can be more free and personal here.

First off, you don’t have to mention Lyme at all to your doctor, unless it is to your advantage. When I go to my primary care doctor now, it’s to check my face for suspicious moles, or to get a Vitamin D test paid for by insurance. My doctor doesn’t believe in chronic Lyme disease, so there’s no need for an uncomfortable discussion. This may be different if you are taking serious medications for Lyme that your doctor needs to take into consideration, of course. I’m just sayin, it’s your info, you can use your discretion!

Of course we need to change the medical system so that it recognizes, researches, and treats late state Lyme disease. My feeling is this is better done through the political system than doctor by doctor. Make that fuss worth your time by writing your senator. The bill HR 20 has been introduced as of 2019, to revamp our national approach to Lyme disease. Now is a great time to let your representatives know how much you care, and how many people this program could help.

Last and finally, for us Lymies, conventional doctor’s appointments are bound to be a handful, no matter what. It’s weird terrain, having a disease the medical system doesn’t get yet. It’s not our damn fault we got a tick bite in this day and age. Take care of yourself on those appointment days! Take a long bath before going in. Practice diaphragmatic breathing, both feet on the floor. Listen to my Anxiety Relief Meditation for some support. Keep your power in your own hands.

Sending love and gratitude for you, and for our amazing Lyme community. Thankfully, at least we understand each other!