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My last blog post was about how important it is for all of us with chronic illness or Lyme disease to tackle detoxifying heavy metals. This week I deepened my detox obsession by watching a podcast with Dr. Klinghardt, the chronic illness guru behind the Sophia Health Institute. He stressed detoxing not only metals but parasites - especially for people with Lyme disease.

Cleansing parasites for Lyme disease

According to Klinghardt, who has seen thousands of Lyme patients, every single person with chronic Lyme has parasites, most of which are invisible to current testing. The parasites range in size from foot long monsters living in the gut (if you’ve read Yolanda Hadid’s book Believe Me, you know what I mean), to invisible amoebas traveling all over, hiding in organ systems and even the brain. The parasites themselves can harbor Lyme spirochetes. Not fun to imagine…

Klinghardt says anyone with chronic gut issues should be cleansing parasites, Lyme or no. Gut symptoms of parasitic infection include constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, anemia, weight loss and weight gain. Then there are some interesting ones I didn’t know about, like grinding your teeth at night, nightmares and insomnia. Turns out many parasites are nocturnal, and their activity disturbs our sleep.

This got my attention, personally. I take a few key herbs for Babesia (a Lyme co-infection that is a blood parasite), and they are a tremendous help. But what if I have other devilish creatures roaming my tissues in the night? I do have absurd nightmares that come and go, waking me up with a jolt. They don’t always feel like my brain rehashing anxiety or PTSD. Sometimes they honestly feel like my body’s reaction to a malevolent bug.

Klinghardt says these parasites are tough to cure. He suggests anti parasitic drugs, followed by ozone infused plant oils you can find through a supplement company he works with, BioPure. But I’ve tried Alinia, supposedly a terrific, well tolerated anti parasitic drug, and my body staged a revolt. Not happening. And my supplement drawer is overflowing, I just can’t handle buying anything else. For now, I’m just ramping up the parasite slaughter with food.

Foods kill parasites (and cleanse metals, too)

There are many delicious foods out there that bust parasites. Traditional cultures have used spices for millennia to both preserve their foods and kill the parasites that abound. It’s also pretty easy to combine foods that kill parasites with those that cleanse heavy metals.

The following are three super yummy, easy recipes that do both. Caveat - though I love to cook, I never measure. I wing it, taste along the way, and work it out. So I’m not listing exact amounts. Play with it, and taste your way to happiness.

Pumpkin seed cilantro pesto

Blend together one or two generous handfuls of pumpkin seeds, one bunch of cilantro, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lime juice. Add a little salt. Taste and texture are your guides to goodness - you want a scoopable paste.

This recipe is inspired by a blog post from The curcubitacins in pumpkin seeds paralyze parasites, making them easier to flush from your system. Dr. Axe recommends eating one cup a day during a parasite cleanse, which is a ton! You wouldn’t want to eat that much of this pesto, but it’s a start.

Garlic is another potent anti parasitic, especially raw. It also kills bacteria and viruses. Cilantro moves heavy metals out of their hiding places in tissue so they can be excreted. (Just make sure you take a binder like chlorella or activated charcoal, to make sure those metals get all the way out and aren’t just reabsorbed in the small intestine.)

If you don’t eat grains, like me, this pesto is great on celery or carrots, or on zucchini noodles.

Green Thai smoothie

Blend coconut water, lemon juice, cilantro, dandelion greens, a chunk of peeled ginger, a chunk of peeled turmeric, and some water. The greens are bitter, but the coconut and lemon smooths them out. Lime is also delicious if you prefer.

I start every day with this smoothie. According to Dr. Axe again, dandelion greens protect the liver, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. If you are busy detoxing, your liver needs some love! Ginger also helps with detoxification - reducing bloating and stimulating movement in the colon. Lemon juice aids digestion and detoxification, and it’s full of vitamin C. And the curcumin in turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Anchovy-Garlic salad dressing

Place lemon juice, minced anchovies, chopped garlic, salt, red pepper flakes (or chopped fresh hot peppers) and ground black pepper in a bowl. Stir in extra virgin olive oil and salt to taste.

This recipe is straight from the New York Times Magazine. If you can handle it, load it with raw garlic. It also contains hot peppers, another potent anti parasitic. The dressing gives you horrifying breath, so save it for date night. (Ha!) You can vary the amounts to taste, or omit the anchovies if they gross you out. It is delicious on kale salad with avocado.

I hope these recipes inspire you to detox deliciously with every meal. War on bad bugs can be tasty. And if you’d like extra power, take an after lunch siesta while listening to my Detoxification meditation.

Thank you so much for reading! Please pass this post along to any cleansing Warrior you know.

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