Natural thyroid support for hypothyroid and Hashimoto's


Gentle thyroid support: diet and detox

Last week ProHealth published another article of mine, on lifestyle support for thyroid dysfunction caused by Lyme. The tools, however, can be used whether or not you have Lyme disease. They involve diet, detoxification and some gentle yoga, and may be helpful for anyone with thyroid issues - as it appears toxicity is at the root of much thyroid dysfunction. Here is the article, I hope you find it useful!

Natural Support for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s with Lyme Disease

Below I’ve included a video illustrating the yoga stretches, and adding a simple self massage for lymphatic flow around the thyroid gland. (Why does YouTube always pick the dorkiest thumbnail of me? LOL)Here is the link in case it doesn’t appear in your browser:

Yoga and self massage detoxify the thyroid

It seems detoxification is as important for thyroid function as it is for healing Lyme disease. I’m starting to feel like a detox lifestyle is just the way to go in these toxic modern times, whether we are sick or well! Helloooo colon hydrotherapy and sweating. My Lymphatic Flow Meditation is another tool to keep your fluid systems clean and clear. (Listen in the infared sauna for extra super powers.)

None of these natural tools are meant to replace your thyroid medication, obviously, though some people have been able to decrease their meds with diet and detox. Not me, yet. I still wake up to T3, and thank the gods.

Thanks so much for being here. Your company makes this whole crazy healing process so much more livable. Please pass this along to any low energy Lymies you know who might enjoy.

Sending love,