My recent experience with Bio-magnetism for Lyme disease


Energy work, Bio-magnetism and the role of stored emotion in healing

My last blog was about different forms of electromagnetic therapy and how they work for Lyme disease. This blog is about my experience with one of these therapies.

Last Saturday I went to an appointment with a woman who practices Bio-magnetic energy work, specifically for Lyme disease. She herself has Lyme, but feels perfectly healthy now due to this kind of work. She was trained by Dr. Isaac Goiz, a Mexican doctor who pioneered Bio-magnetism for resolving persistent infections. Her work has evolved, however, and she no longer does work with physical magnets, instead just using her hands and her own intention.

I’ve had energy work, such as Reiki, before, and my experiences have been wonderful. But it’s mystifying to those who haven’t tried it out (like my husband, who patiently saw me off, then shook his head and hoped for a good placebo). Energy work sounds like witchery, and maybe it is. I thought I’d describe my experience last weekend, how energy work can bridge the physical and emotional and give a boost toward healing on a level that herbs and drugs don’t touch.

Stored emotion lives in the body

How do “stored emotions”, or “negative belief patterns” persist in the body and contribute to illness? The answers are actually straight forward.

Who can’t relate to coming home after a stressful day with our shoulders up around our ears, sore and painful? This is a simple example of stress creating a “fight or flight” response in the nervous system - tensing the large muscle groups used to kick butt or run for it. Us modern humans rarely actually fight or flee, however, we just tense up and stay that way. This chronic tension, if unconscious, can last for years - restricting blood flow, creating inefficient muscle patterns, and resulting in pain.

Serious trauma can create even deeper layers of tension, held in different parts of the body for different people. Negative belief patterns are the same. We become accustomed to the tension, it’s unconscious and feels like normal life. This tension can be held anywhere - the organs, the dura around the brain. Restricted blood and fluid flow in these areas can lead to a risk for illness.

Releasing a negative belief lodged in my brain tissue

A skilled bodyworker or energy worker can find these held patterns of tension, and help bring them to awareness and release. This is what I experienced Saturday in my Bio-magnetic session.

I have done so much personal work releasing held tension and negative beliefs, I thought I was in the clear. I was lying there, enjoying the flow of color and light as the therapist worked on my digestive tract and my joints. It was blissful - like floating on air. Then she got to my brain.

An olive green film appeared in my mind’s eye, closed around the right half of my frontal lobe. (Not everyone sees these visuals. It’s just how my body processes sensation.) As the therapist worked, naming pathogens she found and asking them to clear, the green film pulled away from my brain and hovered.

It was clear to me that the film was a belief that I wasn’t worthy of love. It was also clear that I could let it go. I didn’t need to understand or analyze - it was an old pattern, I don’t need it anymore. It obviously contributed to neurological Lyme. The film spread out into a patch of color, lightened, and dissipated.

After the session I felt high as a kite for twelve hours. I like to find a good mantra to counter negative beliefs when I root them out. For this one I’m using “I am love”. It feels right, because it’s not about searching for love from some outside source, like I have in the past. It grounds me in my body and spirit, in the healing love that’s at the core of us all.

Love your deeper tissues

My energy therapist told me to practice sending love to all my organs over the next weeks, especially those where the bugs were hiding out. Love my liver, love my kidneys, love my brain. This practice is the heart of the meditations on this site. Our deeper physiology has its own intelligence. The liver loves to be noticed, appreciated. It sounds strange, but try it! The liver is like a tiny pet whale, living in your abdomen, working its butt off every day for your health. If you love on it, it will respond with happiness, and function better for you.

Thank you for reading! Please share this with anyone you know who might enjoy.

Your interior is a mystery, and a gorgeous one.