Two articles: Supplements for Lyme disease, and for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Need more supplements? (ha!) Here are some of my favorites

I’m leaving town for a week tomorrow, and will have zero internet access! I’m looking forward to disconnecting, and putting my bare feet on the ground for some re-polarizing of my body’s magnetic fields. (Yes, this is a thing! It’s called grounding. You just go barefoot, and voila! The magnetic poles of the Earth do it for you, like nature intended. Apparently rubber soled shoes get in the way.)

Typically I post a blog every two weeks, but I’m sending this one out early because I’ll be gone, and because I’m linking to two of my articles recently published by ProHealth. Here they are.

Awesome supplements for Lyme disease

Here is Four Favorite Supplements to Support Lyme Disease Treatment. I truly love these bad boys. I didn’t list brands in the articles, but the ashwagandha that works best for me is by Shaklee (my mom works for them), and it is called Stress Relief. They combine the herb with beta sitosterol, l-tyrosine and l-taurine. Somehow this combination really rocks it for me. Just so ya know!

Awesome mitochondrial supplements for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Here is Six Supplements to Boost Mitochondrial Health and Energy in ME/CFS. From what I’ve read, lots of people with CFS (like me, though it’s sloooooowwwwwwly lifting) have Lyme disease, and for many it’s undiagnosed. So go get a good Lyme test if you have CFS. (Not from your primary care doc! Find a Lyme Literate MD through For me, all the mitochondrial support in the world wouldn’t do a thing if I wasn’t also clearing pathogens.

Thank you for reading! Please share these articles with any spoonies you know who might need to add just a few more pills to their overflowing cabinets.

Happy 4th of July! Your heart is a shower of fireworks (minus the loud annoying bangs),