Energy medicine for Lyme disease: Light therapy, PEMF and Magnets


What is electromagnetic therapy and how does it work?

Can electromagnetic radiation can be used to heal Lyme?

Recently I got interested in all things energy medicine. After a long chat with my Goddess medical intuitive, I set an appointment with a bio-magnetic practitioner, and am about to borrow a friend’s Rife machine! This post is a product of my subsequent obsessive research, as usual.

We’ve all heard about the various machines that use electromagnetic energy, or light energy, to help heal Lyme disease. I can’t say which are best, or if they actually heal Lyme disease. But I can tell you their basic functions, and what each purports to do.

Electromagnetic energy medicine sounds a bit woo-woo, but it isn’t. It’s just really hard to understand unless you are a physicist. (After reading tons of articles, I still don’t entirely get it.) It’s already commonly used in mainstream medicine, in ECGs and other cutting edge tools. The electromagnetic machines marketed for Lyme disease are not mainstream (yet). Most aren’t peer reviewed or approved by the FDA. But in theory, they support healing in a completely non-invasive way, without drugs, pills, or side effects, beyond normal detoxification.

What is electromagnetic radiation?

Bear with me for some science. If, like me, you managed to blow off physics and chemistry in high school, or if you just forget due to Lyme brain, this info is mind blowing!

All matter generates waves of measurable photons, or electromagnetic radiation. At the atomic level, this radiation is generated by the movement of electrons within atoms as they absorb and release energy.

Electrons move as they absorb energy. They change location, then return to their original position as the energy is released. As the electrons move, they release a stream of photons. Each photon contains a certain, measurable amount of energy, and travels in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light.

Depending on the type of atom and the amount of energy, the electromagnetic radiation released will fall somewhere along a spectrum, ranging from photons moving in slow waves with low intensity to photons moving quickly with high intensity. Radio waves are on the slow and low end of this spectrum. Infrared light, which we experience as heat, is slightly faster, with higher intensity. Then comes light visible to humans. At the far, fast end are x-rays and gamma rays. (Sound waves are different. They need a medium such as air or water to travel through, where as electromagnetic radiation can travel through empty space.)

Each particular piece of matter has its own electromagnetic signature. The Earth herself emits enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy at certain frequencies, generated from the movement of molten metals at her core. We humans also emit electromagnetic energy at certain frequencies. The energy we give off is weak, but it can be measured with sensitive instruments (and seen with night vision goggles, which make infrared light visible to us). Bacteria, viruses and parasites have electromagnetic signatures as well, with frequencies slightly higher and faster than humans (you can see where this is heading).

All illness involves a disturbance in the electromagnetism of the body. Every cell depends on proper electromagnetic function for health. Cells use electromagnetic energy to transfer nutrients and waste across cell membranes, and to replicate DNA. Organ health is dependent on the health of the cells within. We are electric, we are magnetic. Theoretically, we can use this energy to fight invaders like bacteria, to restore cellular health, and to help ourselves heal.

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Light Therapy for Lyme disease

There are many machines that use targeted waves of electromagnetic energy at specific frequencies to help heal Lyme disease. Rife machines, and any machine called “bio-photon therapy” for Lyme fall into this category.

Rife and bio-photon machines can be set to different frequencies depending on what you are working toward. Some frequencies claim to emit photon waves matched to those of the pathogens causing illness. As the pathogens absorb the extra energy, their bodies begin to vibrate more powerfully - just like a crystal wine glass when a singer hits a note matching its frequency. Eventually, the pathogens’ cells can’t support the intensified electromagnetic waves, and they die. (These frequencies are not powerful enough to damage the human body, though we may experience a detox reaction as the bugs die horrible deaths and rot in hell where they belong.)

Alternatively, bio-photon machines can be set to frequencies claiming to match those of a healthy human body, or even specific organ. Our bodies absorb the electromagnetic waves, and, in theory, become entrained to match them over time, restoring health to our systems. There are even frequencies that claim to help cells expel toxins, speeding up detoxification.

PEMF: Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields

When electromagnetic waves are in motion, they generate electromagnetic fields - fields of energy surrounding the moving waves. (If you want more detail than that, call Carl Sagan.)

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, send pulsed electromagnetic fields into the body to effect healing. You can find PEMF machines that range from small and hand held to full body sized, like yoga mats.,

The pulsed fields are set to frequencies that match those of a healthy human body, so that over time, the body entrains to the pulsed fields, and restores itself to a healthier frequency. At these healthier frequencies, PEMF proponents claim cell membranes become more efficient and more permeable. Waste, including biofilms and toxins, are more easily excreted, and both herbal and antibiotic therapies more easily penetrate the cells.

Bio Magnetic Therapy

In bio-magnetic therapy for Lyme disease, magnets are placed around the body on points that correspond to infection. For example, magnets could be placed around the liver, if the practitioner feels that Borellia is hiding out there. Most practitioners use muscle testing to detect infected organs or systems.

Magnets influence the Ph of water - its relative alkalinity or acidity. Since humans are about 60% water, it stands to reason that magnets could influence our Ph as well. Bio-magnetic therapists claim magnets help return human tissues to a healthy Ph level, which is disturbed by pathogens. They claim pathogens create a more acidic environment than is healthy for our cells. As a more alkaline Ph is restored, tissue health improves, pathogens die, and are excreted naturally.

Thoughts and feelings are energy

Every thought we have is electromagnetic! Our big old brains aren’t just chemical, they think and feel with electromagnetic impulses that travel through every nerve, all throughout our bodies. Our thoughts and feelings create their own wave patterns, and generate their own electromagnetic fields, though they may be tiny!

Is this why it feels so very different to think, I am healing like a total badass, rather than, Why do I feel so crappy again today? It seems to me we influence our electromagnetic signature with every thought and feeling we have.

Use this power to your advantage every day, grrrl! Send healing photon streams through your every tissue, and out into the vast universe. You can do it. Because you are a Lyme Warrior, the most badass of all ass kickers. (Need help? Meditation calls…..)

Sending you love! And stay tuned for my adventures with Rife and Bio-magnetism.