Immune building supplements to support Lyme disease treatment


Eight plants that boost immunity and lessen Lyme disease symptoms

Here’s a new article I wrote for ProHealth, published just this week. It outlines eight supplements I LOVE for immune support during Lyme disease treatment. I haven’t had any side effects with these supplements, and all of them have lessened Lyme symptoms for me in various ways.

As usual, I had to omit a few supplements - because I can’t list particular brands for ProHealth. The supplements I’d also suggest are Noxylane 4 (double strength) by Lane Innovative, and Nutriferon, by Shaklee. These two supplements together really helped me with the endless respiratory viruses I suffered when I was sicker. They both boost white blood cell activity. I still fight viruses here and there, but NOTHING like I used to. I barely get a sniffle anymore, just a little uptick in Lyme symptoms that let me know my immune system is working hard.

Thanks so much for being with me. Pass this along to anyone you know looking for good immune support, and remember to listen to my Immune Strength Meditation for extra strength and healing power!

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