How to detox with coffee enemas


TMI! Colon and liver cleansing with coffee enemas

Well, I debated with myself about writing this post. Do I really want the internet to hear all about my experiences in the bathtub with a bowel full of coffee? I guess I really don’t have any pride or shame anymore, cuz here we are.

When I first was diagnosed with Lyme, friends told me coffee enemas had been a boon to them in terms of detoxification long term, and brain function and energy short term. At first I thought, are you insane? But, if you feel bad enough, coffee up the rump starts to sound worth a try.

I’m writing this post 18 months after my first coffee enema, and it’s been a learning curve. I persevered, I internet searched, I tried different things. Now, finally, coffee enemas are one of my absolute favorite ways to feel better - both immediately and long term. The enemas immediately increase my energy and eliminate brain fog, and over time my persistent anemia (which way predated Lyme) has completely disappeared - which my doctor thinks this is due to clearing heavy metals. The enemas have also helped to alleviate my long term (also pre-Lyme) constipation, improving the overall health of my elimination system.

All that said - though the benefits of drinking coffee are well known, scientific evidence to support the detoxification power of coffee enemas is lacking. And there can be side effects and adverse reactions. As with everything, do your own research, and talk to your doctor before you decide coffee enemas are right for you.

Why coffee enemas help detoxify the liver and colon

I don’t know about you, but I can’t drink caffeine at all. Since getting Lyme, caffeine wrecks my nervous system and adrenals, and makes me feel exhausted. This is a big fat bummer, because I used to LOVE my almond lattes.

Weirdly, when you do a coffee enema, the caffeine (and other beneficial phytochemicals) are absorbed differently than when you drink coffee. The caffeine is absorbed straight from the sigmoid colon into the many hemorrhoidal veins surrounding it, and from there directly to the portal vein leading to the liver. I’ve heard that no caffeine is absorbed into the general bloodstream during a coffee enema - I’m not sure if this is true or not. What I can say is that while I do feel awake and enlivened after rump coffee, I don’t feel the jitters or exhaustion at all.

Once caffeine and the other beneficial compounds from an enema (or from drinking coffee) are delivered to the liver, they stimulate the release of glutathione s-transferase - an enzyme responsible for fighting free radicals. This enzyme and the glutathione in the liver scavenge free radicals and toxins, bind them, and dump them into the gall bladder. Phytochemicals in coffee also stimulate the gall bladder to release bile - carrying the toxins into the intestinal system and out of the body. (Again, you can also get these results from drinking coffee, which is a safer choice if it works for you.)

How to give yourself a coffee enema

I like the green Therapy Coffee you can find online, marketed specifically for enemas. It has more caffeine than roasted coffee, smells completely different, and is less oily - more like an herbal tea. The package has brewing instructions on it - 3 tablespoons for 4 cups of distilled or purified water, simmered for 15 minutes, strained and cooled.

I use a stainless steel enema bucket and silicone tubing - also found online. You can sterilize them after with food grade hydrogen peroxide (let them dry fully).

For the actual event, get into your bathtub, lined with towels for comfort. Use a natural lubricant like coconut oil to help with inserting the tip of the hose. Then cozy up in child’s pose position: head down, booty elevated. Insert the hose gently, and let the (body temperature) liquid flow in slowly. You can turn the flow on and off as you need to.

When the fluid is inside you, you can lie on your back or your side. Some say lying on your right side helps the fluid reach the liver - but if the veins are all around the sigmoid colon, I don’t see why this position would be important. I lie on my back, feet elevated on the wall. Hold a rag against yourself to prevent any drips or leaks.

Read or meditate for 10 to 20 minutes, staying as relaxed as possible. (This is a great time for my Detoxification meditation!) When you are ready, get up and sit on the toilet to release the liquid. You may want to hang around for a bit to make sure it all drains out.

Troubleshooting coffee enemas

This all sounds so simple and easy. Ha! When I first tried a coffee enema, it was like Mount Vesuvius exploded in my lower belly, sending me bolting for the toilet in about 30 seconds. I had suffered from mild constipation since childhood (without really knowing it). Turns out, this makes coffee enemas more difficult, due to the back up of toxins in the bowel. If you are like me, read on.

If you have an overloaded bowel, you need to go SLOW with enemas. Here is a list of tricks to make the enemas cleaner and more comfortable.

Try pink salt and warm, purified or distilled water first. It may be enough! The salt is antimicrobial, and helps alleviate dehydration. Now I add a teaspoon of it to my coffee.

Try less water. You don’t need all 4 cups, this is a ton. (And was probably standardized for men anyway.)

Try less coffee. I cut back to a half teaspoon after that first time, and it was plenty for literally the first year!

Try doing two enemas - the first with just salt water, the second with coffee. The first one can clear your system, making the second one easier to hold.

Visualize your liver receiving the wonderful phytochemicals in the coffee, and using them to gently purify. This kind of meditation can help you relax during the process. (Use my Detox meditation if you need support.)

Strengthen your pelvic floor to help hold the coffee in - gently lifting your muscles up within your pelvic cavity. This strength is useful for all kinds of reasons besides enemas (like better sex and less incontinence).

All of these tricks work well for me, and have made it possible for me to increase the amount of coffee in my enemas slowly over time. (I still use only half the suggested amount.) As with everything, the real trick is to let go of needing to “do it right” and to find your own way instead. Medicine is personal, and we are all different.

Please do consult your doctor before trying coffee enemas. Though the evidence does not support their use, they have been beneficial enough for me to want to share my experience. My own doctor believes that if they make you feel better, they are worth it. There are more things in heaven and earth, as the Bard said. Certainly than are dreamt of by conventional medicine.

Your insides are soft, mysterious sea creatures. They are working hard for you every day. I send them love and deep respect,