MTHFR mutations and Lyme disease - should you supplement?


Detoxification and B vitamins for methylation support

This week I published an article about MTHFR for ProHealth. It was like falling down a methylation rabbit hole. I really didn’t know much about MTHFR mutations and Lyme, other than it’s likely that I (along with a lot of Lyme Warriors) have a mutation, and therefore I probably should be taking methylated B vitamins.

The rabbit hole was fascinating, and now I feel much more equipped to make some educated decisions about supplementation. I also understand why my B12 levels are too high. (Hello, doctor? Why weren’t you the one to fill me in on this? Sometimes it feels like we have to do all the work ourselves.)

Here is the link to the article, Lyme Disease And MTHFR: 3 Supplements You Should Know About. Hope you enjoy! And for the record, if you shop liposomal glutathione, try Pure Encapsulations’ capsules. I made the mistake of buying some in a squeeze tube, and it was disgusting.

Thanks so much for reading! Please pass this along to anyone else looking to clear up the mysteries of MTHFR, and how to support kicking Lyme’s buggy arse with liver detoxification and methylated B vitamins. (And remember, in addition to glutathione, your liver loves attention. Try my Detoxification meditation to send some warm fuzzies its way.)

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