Welcome to the shop page! Below you will find all the meditations on The Cell's Breath. May they help you sleep deeply, and heal! 

I suggest starting out by listening to the meditations when you are snuggled into bed, ready to fall asleep. Put them on again if you wake up in the middle of the night. As you start sleeping well and getting stronger you can listen anytime - in the car, taking a walk, or getting a nutritional IV - and let your conscious mind absorb the imagery and use it to heal. I have listened to these tracks hundreds of times. They still help me. Especially if you have neurological Lyme disease, don't worry about absorbing the details at first. You have all the time in the world. Just let the imagery roll through you, and trust your amazing body-mind to find its healing path.

Samples of each meditation are below. They are one minute long. Samples don't begin at the beginning of the track, but are chosen from various places within the tracks to give you a good idea of the imagery used in each. Scroll down past the samples to find links for purchase. You can purchase the meditations separately, or the whole album at a discount. Use your intuition to choose the ones that will most benefit you.


To purchase a meditation, or the entire album, click on the title in the list below.

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Click on the cart icon to check out. You will receive a download link through email that lasts 24 hours. Download the meditation onto your computer, and from there sync it to your music library if you want to listen on your phone. The file sizes are too large to download directly to a phone or Kindle. If you have trouble for any reason at all, email me and I will get right back to you and figure it out!

If you would rather, you can purchase the whole album from iTunes. (click the link)

Thank you! Wishing you blissful, restorative rest, and happy listening. Shona