The Cells' Breath is an album of guided meditations for people with chronic Lyme disease, or for anyone interested in harmonizing the systems described. Each track soothes and balances a different physiological system crucial to healing. The meditations are long enough that you can fall asleep listening -they won't guide you back to a waking state at the end. You can use them to heal insomnia. When we rest, we repair!

One minute samples are listed first. Scroll down to find links to purchase. You can purchase the meditations separately, or the whole album at a discount. 

If you purchase from this site, download the meditations onto your computer within 24 hours, then sync them to smaller devices. The file sizes are too large to download directly to a phone or Kindle.  If that's a problem, you can purchase the album on iTunes.

All purchases are non refundable. Questions? Email me.

I wish you peaceful rest, and powerful healing. 

To purchase a meditation, or the entire album (listed first), click on the title in the list below.

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