Below are some testimonials from people who have listened to The Cells' Breath. If you enjoy these meditations, send me a sentence or two to post here! This is a brand new project, I would love to add your voice!


Evangelina Vensel, Lyme Warrior

  • I can't live without this! It's a total game changer. I was on 300mg of trazodone for over a decade, and now because of this album I am sleeping without meds. I've been trying to get off my sleep aid forever! Get this and your body and mind will thank you for it! It's powerful and can change lives, not to mention the function of our cells. Thank you for my sleep!

Anyssa Jordan, Breast Implant Illness Warrior

  • I was having some anxiety come up this afternoon. I sat and listened to Anxiety Relief. It was so beautiful, and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Shona! You are a gift!

Adrienne Fodor, Medical Intuitive (www.lightdisguisedasmatter.com)

  • The intention behind these meditations feels so pure. Because they are made with such sincerity and skill, they can be used as a medicine of sorts. A calm nervous system, uplifted neurochemistry, and the vitality that becomes available when one is more at peace, support all healing processes in the body.

Dr. Nicole Peña, Osteopath

  • If more people knew that healing comes from within, we would have a healthier world. I can't wait to share your site with my patients.

Heather Hollander, Lyme Warrior    

  • Your meditations have been my saving grace. These meditations are a sublime journey through the magic of our body's inner world...highly recommended for all!

Jenny Cannon, Lyme Warrior

  • Thank you so much for your meditations. In my usual state of insomnia I listened to Anxiety Relief, and was actually moved to tears, it felt so right.

J. Anderson, Migraine Fighter

  • The Cranial Healing meditation helped me greatly with recurring headaches and migraines. I often revisit the imagery when I feel a headache coming on, and I can feel the difference!

Peggy Streit, Lyme Warrior

  • Your meditations have worked great for me! I shared your site with my Lyme doctor, and he is going to share with other patients. Thank you for the wonderful meditations!

Dr. David Curley (My own father. He is the best!)

  • This is a kind of poetry, and your voice is a mystery, as if it is not quite your own voice, or at least one I do not quite know. Thank you for this experience.



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