If you enjoy these meditations, send me a sentence or two to post here! This is a brand new project! I would love to add your comments.


Dr. Nicole Peña

  • If more people knew that healing comes from within, we would have a healthier world. I can't wait to share your site with my patients.


Heather Hollander     www.facebook.com/bodaciousliving/  www.heatherhollander.world

  • Your meditations have been my saving grace. These meditations are a sublime journey through the magic of our body's inner world...highly recommended for all!


Dr. David Curley (Yes, my own father! But at least that proves I didn't write these testimonials myself.)

  • This is a kind of poetry, and your voice is a mystery, as if it is not quite your own voice, or at least one I do not quite know. Thank you for this experience.