Red Kite Meditations is dedicated to the power of our minds to effect healing. Anyone with a chronic illness can use the mind to infuse their healing journey with power. There is an album containing six guided meditations on my shop page. It is also available here on iTunes. These meditations helped me survive and recover from chronic Lyme.  Each guides the listener through a physiological system crucial to healing chronic illness, from detoxification pathways in the liver to lymphatic drainage. You can listen to samples, and pick the perfect one for your healing journey at this time. I have been teaching experiential anatomy for the last 20 years. I am so grateful to use my education to help others like myself - life derailed by a chronic illness, knowing on a deep level that we have the power to influence our healing process from within.

Below is a five minute, free meditation. It will give you a sense of the language, pacing and music in my work. It doesn't focus on any particular system, just relaxation itself. Enjoy!



river headshot 2.JPG

Those of us with Lyme sometimes desperately need a guiding voice to help us through our worst times, especially at 3am when everyone else is fast asleep and our demons sit down next to us by the side of the bed. We need peaceful sleep, and beautiful dreams. We need help soothing the horrible anxiety caused by neuro Lyme. We need to remember the restful joy and deliciousness available in our bodies. These visualizations have worked amazingly for me. It is my deepest hope now to accompany you through your darker moments, helping you find your way back to your natural state of gentle, cellular healing, deep well being, and personal power.

For me the image of a red kite sailing through the sky brings feelings of freedom, joy and openness  to mind. 

Wishing you a path into the healing alive within us all. You are strong and beautiful. Your healing journey will bring you home.

Shona Curley