Red Kite Meditations is dedicated to the power of our minds to assist in healing Lyme disease. This site contains an album, titled The Cell's Breath, of six guided meditations to help relieve your insomnia, lower inflammation, and support you through treatment. These meditations have helped me immensely in my recovery from neurological Lyme disease. I started sleeping when I began listening to them, and it was the turning point for me. Find samples of each meditation as well as links to purchase here on the shop page (or iTunes).  

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I have been teaching experiential anatomy for the last 20 years. Each meditation guides you through a different physiological system crucial to healing Lyme - from liver detoxification to anxiety relief in the limbic system. Every one is long enough that you can easily fall asleep while listening, and go for that! The meditations are designed for sleep - they don't guide you back to a waking state at the end, but instead let you rest as long as you like. Listen as you fall asleep, and again if you wake up in the middle of the night. Use them to train your body and brain to sleep well and deeply. With deep sleep inflammation lowers, and our bodies begin to heal. 

After you are sleeping well again, you can listen to The Cells' Breath while getting your IV treatments, or while soaking in an epsom bath - and at that point your conscious mind can use the imagery to heal and enliven the systems in question. Pick the system that your intuition tells you needs strengthening, and let your powerful, mysterious brain do the rest.

All of us with Lyme disease sometimes desperately need a guiding voice to direct us back toward well being. We need help soothing the anxiety caused by neurological Lyme disease. We need help feeling the joy and deliciousness still available in our bodies, and finding our way to peaceful, beautiful dreams. 

These visualizations work amazingly for me, and I still use them. I am so grateful to be able now to help you in your healing journey.  Your life may be derailed by Lyme right now, but you can get better! You have the power to direct your healing process from within, and to recover completely. Your mind, your intuitive spirit and your body form a gorgeous symphony, continuously moving toward wellness. The image of a red kite sailing through the sky brings feelings of freedom and pure happiness to mind, and this is what I wish for all of us, moving forward day by day, until we find a cure. 

You are strong and beautiful. Your healing journey will bring you home. May these meditations be of service on your path.

Shona Curley



Below is a five minute, free meditation. It will give you a sense of the language, pacing and music in my work. It doesn't focus on any particular system, just relaxation itself. Enjoy!


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Just inhaling and exhaling can be a tremendous love affair
— Sadhguru