Healing through visualization, movement and bodywork

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Welcome to Red Kite Meditations! I'm Shona Curley.

Our imagination is an immensely powerful force for healing. How we imagine our body's interior landscape shapes and changes function. The guided visualizations, blog posts, and classes offered on this site will help you use your mind's power to guide your body to radiant health. 

On the Shop page, you will find an album of guided visualizations called The Cells' Breath. Each track covers a different physiological system crucial to healing, such as liver detox, or lymphatic flow.

I created this album to help myself recover from chronic, neurological Lyme disease. Listening helps particularly with the anxiety and insomnia familiar to all us Lymies. I wrote The Cells’ Breath to help other Lyme Warriors, but anyone looking to heal their deep physiology can use the meditations. The album is is also on iTunes.  

Please reach out through email anytime with questions, I love hearing from you.

Your body is a miracle of healing, a limitless symphony. Shona

Here is a free, five minute meditation just for deep relaxation. Enjoy!


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Just inhaling and exhaling can be a tremendous love affair
— Sadhguru