support for chronic illness and lyme disease

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Welcome to Red Kite Meditations! I'm Shona Curley.

What a journey chronic illness can be. It demands that we slow down, listen to our bodies, and create a lifestyle that allows for relaxation and repair. I’m here to help you find your way through meditation, gentle exercise and bodywork tools.

I’ve had neurological Lyme disease since 2014. Parts of chronic illness have been awful, but learning to care for myself through deep rest and meditation has been invaluable, and I wouldn’t trade it.

There is an album of guided meditations on the Shop page. The tracks soothe anxiety and insomnia, and help balance systems crucial to healing such as liver and kidney detox, or anxiety relief through the limbic system. You can listen to samples of each, and pick the ones that are right for you. The Blog offers more healing tools, and gentle exercises to ease joint pain.

You CAN find your way to deep, abiding calm, and new possibilities within.  


More about Lyme disease and my story: here’s a podcast with me on Lyme Ninja Radio , and an article I wrote for the East Bay Monthly.

Free, six minute meditation

Listen to a six minute, free meditation below. It just focuses on relaxation, unlike the longer meditations on the shop page, which each focus on a different physiological system.

Visit the blog for more healing tools


“Just inhaling and exhaling can be a tremendous love affair” -Sadhguru