I offer private sessions at my studio in San Francisco blending hands-on bodywork, movement and health coaching.

I also offer phone consultations for people with Lyme disease, over the phone or in person.

Please email me if you are interested!


Private sessions

I co-own Hasti Pilates, a small, private Pilates studio in San Francisco. I’ve been practicing since 1998. I offer one on one sessions blending hands-on bodywork with Pilates based movement. We can also discuss strategies for brain retraining, nutritional support and supplements for optimal health. I work with people at all levels of healing; people with Lyme disease, people with chronic pain, people with injuries or post surgical issues. Wherever you are in your healing process, we will create sessions together that slowly and sustainably support healing in your deeper physiology and build your strength. Sessions are 55 minutes long. The first session costs 150. After that packages of five are available for 600. 

Consultations for Lyme Warriors

Healing Lyme disease can be overwhelming. I’ll help you choose functional medicine strategies to restore your health gently over time. We can discuss brain retraining, gentle exercise, diet, detoxification and supplements. (Please run any strategies by your doctor.) Phone calls are 150. for 55 minutes, or a half hour for 80.