The Cells’ Breath

An album of guided meditations for people with Lyme disease or chronic illness

“I can’t live without this! It's a total game changer. I was on 300mg of trazodone for over a decade, and now because of this album I am sleeping without meds. I've been trying to get off my sleep aid forever! Get this and your body and mind will thank you for it! It's powerful and can change lives, not to mention the function of our cells. Thank you for my sleep!“

Evangelina Vensel, Lyme Warrior

The Cells' Breath: Each track on this album helps to balance a different physiological system crucial to healing. The meditations are long enough that you can fall asleep listening - they won't guide you back to a waking state at the end. Use them to soothe anxiety, insomnia and pain, and to find healing relaxation deep within.

Repeating the tracks will help the imagery sink in. Trust your body and go with what feels good. As you get stronger, you can listen while getting an IV treatment, or taking a walk.

One minute samples are listed first. Scroll down to find links to purchase. You can purchase the meditations separately, or the whole album at a discount. At the bottom of this page are more testimonials from listeners.  

You will receive a link through email to download the meditations. Download them onto your computer within 24 hours, then sync them to smaller devices. The file sizes are too large to download directly to your phone.  Purchase the album on iTunes to avoid this.

All purchases are non refundable. Questions? Email me.

I wish you peaceful rest and powerful healing, starting tonight.

One minute samples:

Links to purchase:

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If you enjoy these meditations, send me a sentence or two to post here! I would love to add your voice.

“I forgot how terrifying a bad neuro (Lyme) flare can be. Today I started stuttering, having difficulty speaking, I felt clumsy, I was having shooting nerve pain…these types of flares make me extremely anxious. I crawled upstairs (and) curled up… I listened to a few of Red Kite’s Meditations made specifically for chronic Lyme…and you know what? It helped. It helped a lot. I made it to the other side, and for that I’m super grateful.

Julie Drake-Putnam, Lyme Warrior

“I bought this today and it’s already changed my life after doing two of the meditations. I am plagued with intense brain fatigue, and I had been suffering for a couple of hours. I played the meditations and my brain has been clear ever since. Thank you so very much for making this available!”

Teoma Faith Sanders, Lyme Warrior

“These are an amazing compliment to DNRS, and also pair will with essential oil blends for vagus nerve tone and detox.”

Caroline Kelly

“I was having some anxiety come up this afternoon. I sat and listened to Anxiety Relief. It was so beautiful, and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Shona! You are a gift!”

Anyssa Jordan, Breast Implant Illness Warrior

“The intention behind these meditations feels so pure. Because they are made with such sincerity and skill, they can be used as a medicine of sorts. A calm nervous system, uplifted neurochemistry, and the vitality that becomes available when one is more at peace, support all healing processes in the body.”

Adrienne Fodor, Medical Intuitive (

“If more people knew that healing comes from within, we would have a healthier world. I can't wait to share your site with my patients.

Dr. Nicole Peña, Osteopath


“Your meditations have been my saving grace. These meditations are a sublime journey through the magic of our body's inner world...highly recommended for all!”

Heather Hollander, Lyme Warrior

“Thank you so much for your meditations. In my usual state of insomnia I listened to Anxiety Relief, and was actually moved to tears, it felt so right.”

Jenny Cannon, Lyme Warrior

“The Cranial Healing meditation helped me greatly with recurring headaches and migraines. I often revisit the imagery when I feel a headache coming on, and I can feel the difference!”

J. Anderson, Migraine Fighter

“Your meditations have worked great for me! I shared your site with my Lyme doctor, and he is going to share with other patients. Thank you for the wonderful meditations!”

Peggy Streit, Lyme Warrior

“This is a kind of poetry, and your voice is a mystery, as if it is not quite your own voice, or at least one I do not quite know. Thank you for this experience.”

Dr. David Curley (My own father. He is the best!)