About my work

I’m Shona Curley. I’ve been working with dance, Pilates and visualization since I was a teenager. Here is a description of my work, and how it has been shaped by Lyme disease.

In my teens I fell in love with modern dance. I got a BA in Dance from the University of Washington, and performed obsessively well into my 30s. My dance practice is the foundation of my career. I got certified and began teaching Pilates in 1998, and after rehabilitating several of my own dance injuries, opened a Pilates studio focusing on rehab and bodywork in 2010.

In 2014 I became severely ill with chronic, neurological Lyme disease. As part of my healing process, I developed the meditations available on this site. I used them to re-train my body out of the crushing insomnia and anxiety that would hit in the middle of the night. All you Lymies know what I mean! When I began using these meditations, I started to sleep again, and this was a turning point in my recovery. I credit visualization (and my fab LLMD) with my ability to work and be a functional mom now!

Throughout my career performing and teaching, what has fascinated me most is the ability of thought to change physical function. Any dancer knows that what you imagine as you move will change the quality of the movement. What is less well known is this principle applies to physiology as well.

In my own practice and with my clients, I am amazed over and over by the mind's power to guide the body toward health. If you visualize your lymph washing and cleansing your brain, your lymph will begin to flow more freely. I see amazing examples of this every week in my work with private clients, and within myself. It is my passion to share this information, and to help others find their own power to self heal.

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Your body is an unfathomable miracle. May your healing journey bring you joy.

Thanks to impermanence, anything is possible.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Articles and podcasts

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April 1, 2018, Red Kite Meditations became a member of Lymeadvise.com, with a featured page on their site.

March 3, 2018, Red Kite Meditations was profiled by Bay Area Lyme Foundation.

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