Move your lymph to heal Lyme disease naturally

improve lymphatic flow to help heal lyme disease

The Wonderful Feeling of Lymphatic Flow


Hi! Here is some simple information about lymphatic drainage, and its importance for people (like all of us with Lyme disease) who have problems with inflammation. My Cleansing meditation is a guide through this beautiful system, which works tirelessly day and night to cleanse us of toxins and invaders (bacteria, cancerous cells and viruses).

Lymphatic drainage 101

Lymph is a cleansing fluid that moves through specialized vessels from your extremities toward your heart. Intercellular fluid is collected into lymph vessels, and begins to flow from your hands, your feet, and the top of your head. As the lymph makes its way toward your heart it is collected in little holding pools called lymph nodes. Inside your lymph nodes live all kinds of badass cells (white blood cells) that destroy viruses, bacteria, toxins and any cancerous cells. As the fluid is cleansed, it moves along through your lymph system, picking up more fluid along the way, and cleansing it in more lymph nodes. At the end of the road, the clean lymphatic fluid is released back into your bloodstream. From there toxins are filtered out by your kidneys and excreted as urine.

Healthy lymphatic flow lowers inflammation for people with Lyme disease

Creating a healthy flow of lymph is of vital importance. If your lymph is doing its job well, inflammation will naturally lower. The less toxins and invaders and cancer cells in our blood, the better we feel, obviously! A healthy flow of lymph lessens pain, increases flexibility, increases energy levels and generally makes us feel vibrant and vital. Here are a few tricks for encouraging lymphatic drainage:

Move your booty, move your lymph

Lymph vessels have no internal pump (like the heart) so it is up to us to move the fluid along. An easy walk or swim, or even gentle stretching in bed does the trick.

An easy yoga pose for lymphatic drainage is to lie on your back with your feet raised up a wall, legs together or apart in a straddle. This combats gravity's tendency to let lymph pool in our feet. Visualizing the movement of lymph cleansing your body one end to the other will stimulate and strengthen this flow. Listen to my Cleansing meditation if you need a guide.   

Dry brushing

Get yourself a dry lymph brush. Gently brush from your feet or hands toward your heart. This brushing encourages the lymph to move along, clearing pathogens as it goes.

Drink plenty of fluid to support the flow of lymph

The more you stay hydrated, the more your lymph system can do its amazing work. My favorite detoxifying and hydrating drink is a blend of coconut water and celery. (Thanks to the Medical Medium for the celery idea. It is supposed to help with HCl production in the stomach, as well as generally cleanse and detoxify.) Throw coconut water and one or two celery stalks in the blender, and add lime juice if you like. 

Your lymph is like a limitless river flowing through your body. Pure and clean. It will wash away anything that doesn't serve your health, leaving you whole and well.

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Wishing you a lovely internal shower, sparkling clear.