Lyme disease and female hormones: balance the chaos


Synthetic, compounded or herbal? Balancing female hormones during Lyme treatment

For most of us Lyme Ladies, hormones are a bit of an issue. Our cycle can trigger symptoms. Lyme disease can cause different hormone levels to plummet. We need a little help sorting them out during treatment. (Maybe after treatment, too.)

About 18 months ago when I discovered my estrogen was low, I just went with the hormone treatment my doctor offered me. Now, I wish I had done the research first. (Whatever, I had Lyme brain.) So, better late than never - last week I published an article with ProHealth called Lyme disease and your hormones. Click the link if you’d like to see what I learned, so you can compare and contrast and make the right decision for yourself.

If you use herbs to treat hormones, please comment below! I wish I had tried herbs first, and at some point I’d like to switch. I’d love to hear what works for you.

Here’s to the last gorgeous weeks of summer,